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Our agency was founded in 2003. No doubt, we were primarily motivated by our love for travelling, but what really makes up MICE is the blend of both tourist and marketing expertise, and plenty of that did we have!

Our MICE Director Yana Maltseva has more than 20 years of experience in the field. Starting in 2003 we arrange meetings, offsite conferences, business events and incentive trips, all never to be forgotten, to help you attain your business objectives. Since 2003 we conducted more than 1000 events, conferences and incentive trips all over the world for more than 60 corporate clients. Our client base represents a wide spectrum of companies from various business sectors: IT and communications, FMCG, financial services, automotive sector, fashion industry, consumer electronics, power production, machine engineering, natural resources sector, fast-food chains, construction, media and advertising agencies.

Our principal competitive position is our ability to understand the needs of a client as precisely as he himself does, and to apply our vast experience, knowledge and creativity to answer client’s expectations and realise his objectives in full.

Our Creed

Reputation and Reliability

We value our reputation and always fulfil our commitments towards our clients, contractors, partners and employees. This attitude builds up a business atmosphere of certainty and reliability.

Creativity and Efficiency

We know that your events should differ from everything done before and everything done by your competitors now. Then in the future there is nothing left to others but to imitate you.

Transparency and Trust

Our experts adhere to the principle of thorough transparency, that is you as a client have to be aware of all the particulars of the project and give your approval. Our goal is not just to sell — we want to ensure that you are absolutely happy with our services.

Adjustability and Resourcefulness

Sometimes your task at hand is rather tough. You have to stay within a certain budget, maintain high standards and meet tight deadlines. If your schedule is constrained we employ all our resources to deliver you the result in good time.

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